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Welcome to my site, enjoy your stay!

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Welcome to Setxbees. There are a bunch of beekeepers in the area that have a goal in mind. Our goal is to propagate honeybee  in the area. We reach way more than the south eastern part of this area. There are about 100 beekeepers that help, hands on teaching and learning every aspect of beekeeping.

We are not an organization we are an independant bunch of guys and gals who love beekeeping. We have a event in the spring and there are seminars and other learning helps.The Texas Apiary at Texas A&M AgriLife Research is a great help and source. There is a Ag Office in every county. 

 On the left are pictures that of some of the things that we would not have if it not for the Honey Bees. Although there are other insects that may be able to pollinate, but not in the numbers needed to fulfil the required for all the crops.